Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Liiga Klavina-BATB

Liiga Klavina https://liigaklavina.deviantart.com/

Love these Beauty and the Beast illustrations by Liiga Klavina. The choice to have the main characters wearing red against white roses definitely stands out among other BATB illustrations. And does anyone else think this is one of the few depictions of Beast/Prince in which he looks like he could be the same person but isn't a disappointment as a human?

Klavina has illustrated several other fairy tales as well as other fantasy-oriented subjects, check out her gallery!


  1. Hi Kristin, this doesn't have to do with the Beauty and the Beast post, but still something you may like and I'd be excited if you'd check it out. It's a short film with a different take on the faerie world:

    1. That is neat. Love the video.

      I wonder what happen to Kristin anyway? I'm beginning to worry about her.

  2. Are you okay? It's been a very long time since your last update. If you want to stop blogging, then I'm perfectly fine with that, but I'd just like to know that you're okay, and not dead or something.

  3. Hello Kristin.
    Do you have an email address you would be willing to share with me via email (threefeathersmag@gmail.com). I would like to contact you if you are willing.