Saturday, May 18, 2013

Classical versions of Ugly Duckling

I was watching the show Dance Academy on Netflix instant play because I will watch pretty much any ballet movie or show that has ever been created, and they referenced variations from Ugly Duckling, so I had to try and find it online.

Didn't find that many details-wikipedia says a company in Florida did it in 2009, but I couldn't find that on youtube. I did find these excerpts from Redding Dance Theater:

I don't know if the two versions even have the same music or choreography, or just inspired by the same story. Either way, when people combine ballet and fairy tales, I drop everything and watch them.

Then I also found this soprano solo by Prokofiev. Normally I LOVE all things Prokofiev, but to be honest this music wasn't really doing it for me. Other students at my Conservatory probably would have judged me for saying that, but...there you have it.

And then just for fun, I grew up watching this 1939 Disney version of the Ugly Duckling

I remember finding it slightly traumatizing. I felt so sorry for that little duckling. Mainly the big wooden duck at 5:38 terrified me as a young child...especially that moment at 6:21 when it's coming at him! And then his pathetic crying right afterwards! Maybe it's just childhood emotions but I teared up just now, rewatching it...

Also, for fans of musicals, I was in Honk! in high school. It's a pretty cute family musical. Interesting fact as I look back: I was in 6 musicals in school, and three of them happened to be versions of fairy tales.

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