Thursday, November 27, 2014

Frau Holle Photography

I can't find much information on this set of pictures of models Katya Konstantinova and Inga Marie Ruxton by Tim Barber. The collection is titled "Frau Holle," which makes me wonder about the fairy tale inspirations for the other pictures and wish I could find someone talking about the inspiration for this shoot. More information on publication of the pictures can be found here, but enjoy some pretty pictures for your Thanksgiving weekend!

This castle looks a lot like the Neuschwanstein:


  1. I feel like some of these pictures might have been taken in an amusement park. I remember hearing about one in Europe that had Mother Holle (or Frau Holle) as part of the attractions.

    1. Was it Efteling, maybe? It's the only fairy tale amusement park I'm aware of in Europe:

    2. Maybe. It was a long time ago. Small, local fairy tale theme parks are actually rather common here in the US, last I checked. Most notably for me, The Great Escape in Lake George, NY which started as Storytown (arguably the world's first theme park).