Friday, November 27, 2015

Fairy Merry Holidays

It's getting to be that time of year when we're making gift lists for ourselves and others! For those of us who love fairy tales it can be tricky to find fun gifts that aren't specifically Disney, but I've come across a few stores or products that might be of interest to people here! Here's Black Friday: Tales of Faerie Style (without the sales...but also without the crowds)


Moral of the Storybook Bag-$44.99 (click through the link to see the little Hansel and Gretel details close up!)
Opening Line Necklace-$19.99
Flaunts Upon a Time Skirt-$59.99
Closeup up print-Matryoshka inspired LRRH characters!

From the Surlalune Shop:
Guys, the Surlalune Shop is an incredible place to shop for fairy tale products! You can search by fairy tale or product. Below is only a very, very small sample of what's available. Each product is available in a large number of classic fairy tale illustrations! (And no, this isn't sponsored by Surlalune or anything. It's just a fantastic resource for anyone looking for fairy tale products!)

Vogel's Snow White and Rose Red Journal
Dulac's Little Mermaid Journal
Nielsen's Twelve Dancing Princesses Travel Mug
Winter's Wild Swans Postcards
Price's Cinderella Greeting Cards
Dulac's Sleeping Beauty Tote Bag, $18.99
Dulac's Gerda and Reindeer Ornament, $7.99

From The Baba Store:
There are more fairy tale related products here too, like other bags

Little Mermaid Ipad/Tablet Bag-on sale for $28!

Any other fun fairy tale-related stores/products/gift ideas out there?


  1. How about the card game Once Upon a Time: Or maybe the game Winter Tales: I haven't played either of them yet, but I plan to play them and review them in the future.

    1. Fairy tale games would be excellent gifts! I look forward to reading your reviews!