Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gordon Laite Fairy Tale Illustrations

Some eye candy for your Thursday, courtesy of illustrator Gordon Laite (1925-1978)


Beauty and the Beast

Wild Swans

Snow White and Rose Red


  1. oO, so gorgous. Only thing I'm not abord with is Cinderella's hair, which is too orderly imho.

    Also very creative monster/witch designs! I wonder where he got the idea to portray Rapunzel's witch with a pipe. I feel reminded of Hans Törfsoden, but I don't think the illustrator was familiar with that fairy tale. Maybe the pipe is supposed to allure to a snake's tongue or maybe a fire-breathing dragon?

    1. Ha that's so true, and probably goes for any version of Cinderella!

      And the pipe is an interesting choice, especially since it wasn't until relatively recently that the dangers of smoking became as well known. Maybe since pipes were (I think) associated with males, it makes a female witch seem unnatural? In addition to the fact that her pipe doesn't just smoke, it has literal flames coming out of it!

  2. I think old women were sometimes portrayed in stories as smoking pipes, once they had aged beyond the "rules" of polite society, but it was still considered a sort of rowdy thing to do. Anyway, thanks for posting this, Kristin. I had never heard of this artist before, and I've whisked off a couple of his BATB images (properly credited to him and this blog) for my Pinterest page for my upcoming novel. Thanks!

    1. How interesting! And glad you can use the pictures for inspiration-it's a shame so many wonderful fairy tale illustrations aren't more well known! I only discovered Laite recently myself