Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chapter 2


One year ago today, on impulse I sat down and created a fairy tale blog. My idea was to start with something I knew well-my favorite tale-and do a history of Beauty and the Beast. It didn't take me long to realize that to sum up the whole history of BATB was a more monumental task than I originally thought. I got frustrated and deleted the blog.

I went to my room but I just felt awful and like a quitter. So about an hour later I was back on the computer. I started with very small, simple posts, and felt much better about myself. I wasn't sure how long the blog would last but at least I had tried.

One year later, I'm still enjoying blogging about fairy tales, and shocked and flattered every time I receive post comments or have a new follower. And, to be honest, a little freaked out-I'm a very private person. The anonymity of the internet is the only reason I allowed my thoughts to be available to the public. So thank you for reading and being gracious in your comments-now let's toast to another year of learning about fairy tales together, shall we?

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