Friday, July 12, 2013


My friend just told me about Fibber, a game she played while babysitting. It's for young kids, but inspired by Pinocchio.

From amazon:
"How to Play
Fibber is all about what you say and not what you play! Play cards in their order and say what you're playing. Don't have the right card? Time to put on your best poker face and try to fool everyone by playing a different card. But watch out! If you don't get away with it, you’ll have to place a nosepiece on your glasses that will continue to grow each time you’re caught! If wrongfully accused, the player who said you were fibbing has to put on a nosepiece of his or her own. It’s fun for the whole table as you watch your noses grow! Person with the SHORTEST nose wins!"

Reminds me of B.S., the card game I used to play, only with the addition of noses that grow for each lie rather than just being out. But apparently this is a hit with kids!

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