Sunday, March 23, 2014

Once Upon a Time book clutch


*As seen on Carrie of WishWishWish

Also, although Alice isn't technically a fairy tale, I wouldn't mind this Alice in Wonderland book clutch found on Asian iCandy


  1. Actually, I've always argued that Alice in Wonderland isn't fantasy at all. It's actually realistic fiction.

    You see, the definition of "realistic fiction" is that everything in the story can happen in real life, even though the story isn't true. Now, a fantasy world can't exist in real life, but you have to remember that the whole thing is Alice's dream. And since someone COULD have a dream like that in real life, the story is realistic fiction.

    Am I seriously the only person who's ever thought about that? Because every time I say that to somebody, they are very surprised.

    1. You can definitely look at it that way, and in the books doesn't Alice "wake up" each time she comes back from Wonderland? I remember her waking up shaking her cat, thinking it was the Queen...I personally never liked thinking of her adventures, or Oz adventures, as a dream, I preferred to think of them as a real fantastic land, even though there are hints that they're dreams.