Sunday, August 17, 2014

Heads Up! Fairy Tale Style

The other night we were out with friends who decided to play the game Heads Up!. Many of you may be familiar with variations of the forehead game, in which each player usually has the name of a person on their forehead and has to ask yes or no questions to determine which "person" they are. Apparently this game goes as far back as Marie Antoinette's time (although this could have been one of the many creative liberties taken by Sofia Coppola in the film...)

Anyway, Ellen DeGeneres created a new version for iphones, and I was excited to see a "fairy tale" category (there's also a Disney characters category which is pretty fun). These are included in the free download of the game (there are other categories you can buy).
A couple of us tried the fairy tale "deck." I somewhat disagree with their definitions of fairy tales ("Peter Pan" was one-I had trouble guessing "Little Red Hen", it never really gets discussed in fairy tale circles, although it is technically an old folk tale). It might be fun to play if you had a circle of other fairy tale nerd friends, but one person in our group got "Katie Crackernuts," and I was the only one who had ever heard of it. It was pretty hard to get someone to guess a title that obscure to the general population. But the game would be a fun weekend activity, whether or not you play with the fairy tale option!

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