Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Yet another example of the variety of ways artists have chosen to explore the versatile tale of Little Red Riding Hood. This first one is "Fears Uncloaking" by Megan Eckman of StudioMME, although the series is no longer available on her etsy site. The artist's description:  " Our minds are powerful things, creating dreams, ambitions, and fears. What if the wolf was all in her head? What would Little Red Riding Hood have to be afraid of then?"

So this is an exploration of conquering our fears, although if you didn't know the title or description it would look like another message on embracing the animal within/subverting expectations of the wolf being the villain. 

Below are creations from Clay Opera (also no longer available). Arist Marta Turowska chose to depict two moments of the fairy tale that most artists avoid-that of Little Red eternally trapped in the belly of the wolf, and the wolf cross-dressing as Grandmother (Catherine Orenstein has a fascinating discussion of the cross dressing wolf in her book Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked; I had never really thought too much about that image before).

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