Friday, January 9, 2015

Tales of Faerie Q&A

Hey guys! I'm thinking of doing some sort of "Behind the Scenes" feature next month for my 5 year blogoversary-crazy!!. So if any of you has any questions about me or my blogging process, consider this your opportunity to get to know the mind behind Tales of Faerie! You can ask questions in the comments, on this or future posts.

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  1. I made it back to the land of the living blog in time for your anniversary! Woo hoo! And congratulations!! (I totally missed my five year. I'll celebrate vicariously with you. :)
    Hm.. what do I want to know about Tales of Faerie? Whether you can come visit for a fairy tale chat afternoon please? (Hey - maybe we could do a cyber-something-version..! Or would you like to do a guest post/guest chat at OUABlog? Think about it and email me if the idea appeals...)
    Re questions I'm curious about your FT library - what do you have, how do you keep it, what are your top 10, er, 20, er let's just say what are your desert island FT books/resources (since there are other library materials other than books), apart from the tales themselves? And how did you start off down the fairy tale study road? (I'm sure you wrote something about this a while ago, I'm curious about what led you to be more in depth and what motivates you to read - and write - the way you do.)
    I'm so looking forward to your celebration! Pls give me a heads up so I can help promote it on OUABlog.
    BTW I have to say this: I have SERIOUSLY missed reading your blog (I was mostly offline for many months - long story) and on my to-do list is to take some time to go back and read all your posts. You inspire me every time you post. Thank you! x