Monday, September 14, 2015

Wolves and Wonders-an Art Show by Emily Winfield Martin

"The Company of Wolves"

Anyone in the Portland, Oregon area? The show "Wolves and Wonders" by artist and author Emily Winfield Martin is coming to Land October 9.

Via her blog, The Black Apple, Martin shares: "The show was inspired by Angela Carter, variations on Beauty & the Beast, the East & the West...lots of things. Stay tuned for more lions & tigers & wolves & ladies!"

Definitely sounds like it's something a fairy tale fan would enjoy seeing! Martin has also hinted that she's got a novel in progress that would be based off of her favorite fairy tale, which is "Snow White and Rose Red." She's also hard at work with her art and children's books so I don't know when that would be coming out, but that's a fairy tale you don't get in novel form very often! I'll be keeping my eye on her blog to give you more news about that.

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