Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beauty and the Beast-Art on etsy

I like to type "Beauty and the Beast" into etsy every once in a while just to see what comes up...I'm always tempted by the rose jewelry and have to remind myself I already own plenty. There are several original paintings available, here are my two current favorites:

Richard Hubbard
This isn't from etsy, I found this online a while ago and don't know who did it. But I love it, and Beauty is wearing ballet shoes! So for lack of a better place to put it I threw it in this post.
EDIT: Thanks to Rob for finding it! It's from here and by wdkimmy


  1. The last painting looks like it's been based upon the promotional photography for David Bintley's ballet of Beauty and the Beast, which I know you've written about previously :) I've not seen it before though (it's not a piece commissioned by the Company) so can't tell you who painted it.

    You can see the original photograph, featuring Birmingham Royal Ballet dancers Elisha Willis and Robert Parker, in this article reviewing the ballet:


  2. Found it :) It seems to have been painted by this person: http://wdkimmy.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d1de4l8


  3. (Sorry, brbrob and Robintheoffice are both the same person, I'm just logged into more than one wordpress account!)