Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tim Walker: Story Teller

Carrie of WishWishWish was able to interview Tim Walker on his latest exhibit, Story Teller, supported by Mulberry. My interest was piqued when I read that fairy tales was one of his inspirations, although as it often happens with art and fashion, that translates more into a vague sense of being whimsical rather than specific fairy tale connections.

However, I very much appreciated the above quote, that "fairy tales are very sinister things." It's such a misconception that continues to circulate that fairy tales are simplistic and childish. Of course, anyone reading this probably has a greater appreciation for fairy tales than the average person and I feel like I've talked about this many times before, so I'll leave it at that and let you click through to read more if you're interested.


  1. Oh no! Don't show me stunning photography like this! I can't get distracted from my writing by all the other little whimsical and cutesy hobbies I want to have.

    (Great link, thanks!)

  2. You have written up a lovely piece on Tim Walker. The exhibition was absolutely stunning and I could walk round the East Wing and look at his work all day...

    Love your blog btw!