Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Tour of Tales of Faerie (With Once Upon a Blog as Guest): [4] The Library

"Oh! Beast, how you frightened me!" she cried. "I never knew how much I loved you till just now, when I feared I was too late to save your life."
"Can you really love such an ugly creature as I am?" said the rich beast faintly. 
... She answered softly, "Yes, dear Beast."
As she spoke a blaze of light sprang up before the windows of the castle; fireworks crackled and guns banged, and across the avenue of orange trees, in letters all made of fire-flies, was written: "Long live the prince and his Bride."
(Madame de Villeneuve)
The shadows are getting longer already and I have a special anniversary dinner planned with my Prince, so this will have to be our last stop on the tour, but it's a good one, I promise.

K: Don't these doors look just enormous?

G: The carving on these is gorgeous but they are intimidating.

K: Wait till you see what's inside. Close your eyes for a minute.

G: Seriously? OK then. *closes eyes, puts one hand over as show of good faith*

K: Good. *whoosh of air then takes Gypsy's hand, guides her forward* Step this way, step, step, left a little, now stop. Ok -open.
G: *blinks and gasps in astonishment* Oh you weren't kidding! This place is amazing! Look at your collections! OK, talk me through the goodies. What are your favorites here?

K: Oh, there's so many! When it comes to Beauty and the Beast research, every scholar needs a copy of Betsey Hearne's Beauty and the Beast: Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale, and Jerry Griswold'sThe Meanings of Beauty and the Beast: A Handbook

G: Great choices. And is that a computer I see over by the window?

K: Why yes! In this day and age the internet is a pretty important resource in researching fairy tales. I still rely heavily on the Surlalune main site, as well as the many wonderful blogs that help to cover so many aspects of fairy tales in history and the way they are being reshaped today! (My link list can be seen to the right)
G: And how many versions do you REALLY have of the Beauty and the Beast tale? (Not counting the whole SurLaLune book on the subject, that is, because, that's a given if you're serious about the fairy tale.)

K: Here is my Beauty and the Beast book collection: I have picture books by Friere Wright, Eleanor Vere Boyle, Marianna and Mercer Mayer, and my very favorite, Angela Barrett and Max Eilenberg. I have the SurLaLune collection as well as the Oryx Multicultural Folktale Series collection. Of course there are a couple Disney versions in there, including the "Making of" book by Charles Solomon. Some of my most unique books are the French text of Villeneuve's story (even though I'm not even close to fluent in French...), a copy of the Charles Lamb poem, and an old linen picture book from 1897.

G: I just... *whispers* wow! If I come over again and disappear, you should probably look for me here first.

K: *smiles* That's pretty much what I tell Beast as well. Why don't we have some fresh coffee and rest our feet after that hike? *hands Gypsy a full cup*
G: Ah! You read my mind. *takes a grateful sip* So, apart from your Beauty and the Beast research, what are your other main go-to resources when you begin researching fairy tales home?

K: I also really love Marina Warner's From the Beast to the Blonde: Fairy Tales and their Tellers, really anything by Maria Tatar, and the whole series of SurLaLune's Tales from Around the World

*clock chimes five*

G: Oh my. Time flies in this place! I'd better get back. And you have a dinner to get to! *gets to feet* Thank you SO much for the tour today. I feel so honored to have been brought into your beautiful, private fairy tale here. I love everything about it.

K: *blushes* Thank you for coming. We should do this again some time. And soon.

G: Yes let's. But first, I'm going to need some help finding my way home...
K: Ooh - here. You'll love this: push on that lion's head finial on the stair there... *Gypsy pushes, two bookshelves move outward and fold back on themselves, revealing secret door*

G: *jumps up and down with delight* Are you kidding me!! This is possibly my favorite thing yet! Where does that door lead to?

K: *grinning* It's s shortcut to the front courtyard. Your horse is already there waiting for you.

G: Oh wonderful, thank you! *quick hug* This has been the best day. It's your anniversary but I get all the presents! Thank you! 

K: You're welcome. Ride safe!
G: I will! HAPPY FIFTH BLOG-A-VERSARY! *waves as exits* Oh man - secret door... I have to get me one of these...

*door slides closed once she's through it*

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this little peek into Tales Of Faerie! 

I appreciate every one of your visits, your reading the blog and your comments. Tales Of Faerie has become so special and I've met so many amazing people because of it. What makes blogging so exciting is the opportunity not just for me to spout my own ideas, but to have conversations with all sorts of wonderful people and learn from you as well!

Thank you for all your support over five years. I can't wait to see what the next five will bring.

Catch you on the blog later!

Note: All illustrations used, unless otherwise indicated, are from the picture book version of Beauty and the Beast, written by Max Eilenberg, Illustrated by the amazing Angela Barrett (2006).
 Received a letter via bluebird from Gypsy after she left. Many thanks to all of her hard work in making this tour happen!


  1. Hi there! I just discover this blog and it's amazing!!!!
    I'm a fan of fairy tales and I absolutley drool on all the posts that you have of Beauty and the Beast. I always wanted to find anything that tell the Villeneuve version but always was not enough or too litle about it. What you have been writing is the most complete reference. One of my lifetime wishes is to get the original story of Villeneuve but I don't if I'd ever see this como true. Any way your blog is one of the best things I've ever found. Congrats, it's really good.

    1. Why thank you! It is definitely hard to find much about the Villeneuve version on the internet, although you can find out more from books than when I first started! For an affordable book with two English translations, check out Surlalune's Beauty and the Beast Tales from Around the World:

      I'm so glad my blog has been helpful! It's always fun to connect with other people who are so interested in the history of Beauty and the Beast!