Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Tour with Tales of Faerie (With Once Upon a Blog as Guest): [2] The Parlor

"And after about an hour's talk Belle began to think that the rich beast was not nearly so terrible as she had supposed at first. Then he got up to leave her, and said in his gruff voice:"Do you love me, Belle? Will you marry me?"
(Madame de Villeneuve)
Hello fair readers, welcome to my Parlor! Today, in honor of my five year blogoversary, we're expecting company: the Fairy Tales News Hound, Gypsy, from Once Upon A Blog should be here any minute. It's the first time I've ever given a tour of Tales Of Faerie and, truth be told I'm a little case you missed the first part of our conversation, you can read it on OUAB

*Adjusts tablecloth, though already perfect. Stokes cheery fire in hearth. Stops when hears hesitant footsteps approach the open door of the parlor and smooths skirts of dress. Gypsy stops in doorway.*

K: Welcome to Tales Of Faerie! I'm so glad you made it... except... you look a little pale. Is everything OK?

G: *holding cloak tightly around self* Um, thank you. I, er, well - I was a little surprised to see your, extremely large and heavy gate  open itself. I was just about to pull the bell but then when the torches on your garden path started lighting up one by one, like they wanted me to follow, but I couldn't see - or hear - anyone, and well, I got a little... nervous.

K: Ah. That would be the servants. I'm so at home here now I forget how unnerving that can be! They don't have to be invisible anymore but they're shy around strangers. They don't mean any harm.

G: *looks somewhat relieved, smiles and relaxes hands* I can deal with that... *gasps as cloak is whisked away to hang on a hook* Ahem. I think!

K: *hides smile under pretense of rearranging refreshments on table* You get used to it. *speaks to air* How about some music? *Strains from Stravinksy's Firebird begin to play softly* Or perhaps a drink? *sweet smelling nectar pours into two glasses from mid-air*

G: Ok - that I could get definitely get used to. And that's Stravinsky's lovely ballet music I hear, correct? 

K: Yes. That's one of my favorite pieces ever. 

G: I love The Firebird Suite too. Should come as no surprise a music teacher would have beautiful music in her home. *looks around* What a lovely parlor! I have a feeling you do some of your writing here.

K: Yes. Except for when I'm in my Library-..

G: Ooh! Library?!

K: *laughs* ... -which I will show you later. this is one of my thinking spots. I keep a few of my favorite things here to inspire me, like some of my favorite Beauty and the Beast mementos from childhood, and of course pictures of my husband Tony! 

G: *finishes sipping and puts glass down * This is like being in a another world here. I can see why you love it.

K: Before you get too settled, I'd like to show you the grounds next, but I'll need something a little more practical for that. Not even the invisible servants can mange to stop these lace sleeves snagging in the gardens! Why don't you rest for a bit after your journey? I'll make sure your horse is fed and watered then, then when I've changed, I'll meet you just outside those doors, *points down corridor to double french doors*say, in about an hour? You can view my gallery of some of my favorite Beauty and the Beast art that's on display in the hallway too.

G: An art gallery? I might need longer than an hour...

K: *smiles secret smile, whispers to air* Be back shortly!

G: *already distracted* OK - take your time. *refilled glass appears in her hand - she stares at it* I'll be here...

K: Enjoy! *gathers skirts, exits through heavy oak door that open as I walk toward them, just as they usually do*

[Since I was a little busy to walk you all personally down the art hall right then, I've added a few of my favorites for you to see below.]
Beauty and the Beast by Brent Hollowell
Beauty and the Beast by Pavel Tartarnikov 
Beauty and the Beast by Patryk Olejniczak (aka patryk-garrett)
From the Beauty and the Beast picture book 2010, illustrated by Angela Barrett
From the Beauty and the Beast picture book 2010, illustrated by Angela Barrett

Note: All illustrations used, unless otherwise indicated, are from my favorite picture book version of Beauty and the Beast, written by Max Eilenberg, Illustrated by the amazing Angela Barrett (2006).

Next stop: [3] THE GROUNDS 

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