Thursday, July 2, 2015

Read Villeneuve's BATB ONLINE!!

Sometimes I get asked where one might find an English translation of Madame de Villeneuve's "Beauty and the Beast," and I've been more than happy to refer people to the Surlalune collection of Beauty and the Beast Tales From Around the World-before this book it was a lot harder to get hold of.

But thanks to Persinette in the Tower I have just discovered you can also read the full text online!

Here is a link to the translation by J.R. Planche, and here is a link to download the translation by Ernest Dowson. Dowson is the one who translates the Beast as (correctly) asking Beauty to sleep with him, not to marry him, which clearly has different implications (I've written about this before). The great thing about the Surlalune collection is that Heidi Anne Heiner included both translations for comparison, and in many ways print is easier to read and flip through than online,  but I really wish I had known about this link a few years ago when I first started searching for BATB history!
Illustration by Edward Corbould

I'm also adding the link to my link list on the right, so it should be easily accessible in the future.


  1. Seems you've found some treasures here, thanks for sharing! Pity I can't get the Surlalune collections in ebook, but I do love the web site. I first heard of it in a workshop run by Juliet Marillier at a Swancon convention a few years ago. Must check out that Villeneuve.

    1. You're welcome! And I believe all the Surlalune collections do come in ebook form, here's the Kindle version of BATB:

      I just find the actual printed books so much better for this type of book-it's one you flip back and forth through and wouldn't normally read cover to cover.

  2. Here is the TOC from the book if you are interested in what else awaits inside: