Friday, August 24, 2012

Mirror, Mirror-Dress Up Snow

Kingdom of Style, though primarily a fashion blog, had a review of Mirror Mirror which was probably one of the worst I've read (EDIT: worst as in its opinion of the movie, not the critique itself). An exerpt:

"The movie is brought to you by the letter F.
F for Fairytale. F for Feeble.
It is meant to be a comedic retelling of the traditional story. But sadly it is far from funny. It's neither fish nor fowl. It tries to be knowing and dry but falls way short of that."

I STILL have not seen Mirror Mirror yet and therefore can't chip in my two cents...although I adore Netflix and get more than my money's worth out of Instant Play, I'm pretty terrible when it comes to the dvds by mail-I think my current dvd I've had since March...I know, shameful. Although since I wrote that I felt guilty and got out that dvd to mail back and put Mirror Mirror on the top of my queue. Noticed Netflix describes it as "much darker than the well-known animated Disney version." Which makes me wonder...when's the last time they've seen the Disney version? As Disney movies go, it's pretty dark, that witch is creepy--and from the previews this colorful family-friendly version doesn't seem to be especially dark to me.

But anyway, Queen Marie of Kingdom of Style shared a link to a Dress Up Snow app that she recommends (more than she recommends the movie itself). The movie is, if nothing else, a treat for the eyes for those of us who enjoy looking at pretty clothes...


  1. I haven't seen it yet, either, but gosh, those costumes look fantastic. Well, in both meanings of the word!

    And right on about that wicked queen. Poison that puffs up a greenish skull scared the heck out of me as ac child!