Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tours Departing Daily

 You may or may not be as into Disneyland as I am, but you will probably appreciate the photography of Tours Departing Daily, a blog that features pictures of Disneyland that would probably make most adults who have been there do a double take and think, "Wait, is that actually the same Disneyland I went to?"

Photography by Kevin Crone, Michaela Hansen, and Matthew Hansen

I selected pictures that have to do with fairy tales (or stories that have tags on this blog, like Peter Pan and Alice) to share here, but they feature glimpses into all aspects of Disneyland, including California Adventure, Downtown Disney, the hotels, etc. Snow White's witch's dungeon is one of my favorites:


  1. This is so fantastically beautiful. Thanks for the joy. :)

  2. You're blogs are amazing! But I was wondering if you can do a blog post about Pixar's fairy tale, Brave. That would be amazing!

  3. Ben-Well thank you for the compliment! Sadly I am woefully behind when it comes to seeing the latest fairy tale movies, despite requests I STILL have yet to see either of the latest Snow White movies, or Brave. But when I do, rest assured I'll share my thoughts! Be sure to check out Once Upon a Blog's very interesting article on Brave: