Monday, May 12, 2014

Michelle Phan's Wicked Red Riding Hood

I hadn't heard of Michelle Phan until she was part of the Diet Dr. Pepper commercials. Those commercials make me roll my eyes every they realize the irony of claiming that people who are unique and one of a kind all drink the same beverage? But I digress...

Anyway, Phan's description:
"The Little Red Riding Hood never felt like a children's book to me. It felt so dark and twisted, and I wanted to create a look that reflected on this dark tale. If you're looking for a more innocent sweet Red Riding Hood look, this is not the video for you. I recommend watching Princess Belle or Anime Eyes for a brighter, more childlike look."

I like that she brings out the dark side of the fairy tale, and even warns watchers that this is not an innocent and childlike fairy tale look :). Later in the video, when talking about her choice of gold eye shadow as a reference to blonde hair, she mentions that the fairy tale never specifies the hair color, but that most illustrations show her as blonde. So, she did her homework!

My makeup routine is very simple and natural, if I put it on at I won't be trying out this look, but it was fun to see a fairy tale character being interpreted through makeup.

Phan also does looks for Belle, Snow White, Mulan, The Black Swan, Rapunzel and Jasmine, although they seem to be more directly copies of the Disney looks (or the movie, in the case of Black Swan). There is also a Forest Fairy look too

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