Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fairy Tale Apps for Kids

StoryToys has a whole series of fairy tale-themed 3-D pop up apps. These seem like a fun way to get younger kids (and possibly bored adults) discovering traditional, non-Disney versions of fairy tales. (Although...many of the characters' wardrobes/hairstyles are definitely influenced by Disney. But sometimes kids can be deterred when they see a character that looks nothing like the one they are familiar with, so it could help draw kids in)

Grimm's Red Riding Hood

Beauty and the Beast

The Little Mermaid

Puss in Boots

Grimm's Snow White

Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

Grimm's Hansel and Gretel

Grimm's Rapunzel

Grimm's Bookshelf (looks like this one allows you to play one game from each book in the fairy tale series)


Each link will lead you to a video trailer for the app, with story pages and games. The series has gotten good reviews, but keep in mind it does seem geared for pretty young kids. Over the past years, Heidi of Surlalune shared links to a Hans Christian Andersen app and a different Red Riding Hood appGypsy from Once Upon a Blog has featured a Goldilocks story app and recently a Maleficent ibook and that seem geared towards slightly older children.

In addition, a simple google search will lead you to many more fairy tale apps-I really had no idea there were so many since I'm usually a good ten years behind when it comes to technology, and besides have no children and therefore am not looking for apps for kids. Here is a post featuring Four Fantastic Fairy Tale Apps (Including one from the StoryToys featured above, and one for Snow Queen!), and here's a list of fairy tale stories available on Itunes, by Lazy Bird, Inc. Any other discoveries or recommendations?

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