Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fairy Tale Fragrance

Here's a product I don't think I've seen before: Fairy-tale inspired perfumes and colognes!
"Hansel- The scent of the Black Forest and sweet bread. This fragrance is woodsy but playful with the light scent of freshly baked sweet rolls.

"Gretel- Wild roses and glistening embers. This fragrance is sexy and feminine with a smoky undertone."
"The big bad wolf is an archetype in folklore all over the world. He's antagonized little girls, shepherd boys, familial swine, lambs, etc. From the forests of Germany to the hills and plains of Ethiopia, anywhere you find wolves you will find tales of big bad himself. He's cunning, fierce, and damn if he doesn't make for one hell of a story.

"A powerful, earthy, yet elegant fragrance. Dominating black pepper, the warm bark of cedarwood, and a sensual touch of ylang ylang. This fragrance is suits men, women, beasts, and everything in between. "
"The scent of sweet cakes, the black forest, and a bouquet of wild flowers. Little Red Riding Hood comes in an amber 5ml bottle with a muslin bag."
"Samhain- Cool winds whipping through the forest on all souls night and a touch of warm spices. Essential oils combine to create a distinctly autumnal scent. It is in a 5ml amber bottle. Comes with a muslin bag for safe keeping.

"Samhain is the witches new year. It marks the end of the harvest and beckons in the winter. Many believe that it is when the veil between worlds is thinnest. But not just witches and pagans celebrate this ancient festival. You probably do to, just not in the same way. Most people recognize the holiday as Halloween and it is celebrated all over. Many Halloween traditions come from the Samhain traditions, such as setting out pumpkins and sharing sweets."
"The Baba Yaga is a witch found in Russian folklore and fairy tales. She is wise but fearsome and extremely powerful. She is depicted as a crone who flies about the forests with the help of her mortar and pestle. Her nose is long and her teeth made of metal. The Baba Yaga has strange comings and goings. In some stories she is shown counting spoons before returning to her house that stands upon chicken legs. Baba Yaga is often regarded as a protector of the Russian forests and the creatures within it.

"The scent of a birch mortar, metal, and the forests of Russia. Baba Yaga comes in a 5ml bottle tucked inside of a muslin bag with the Lore logo for protection. "

"Vasilisa- Russian wedding cookies and the delicate scent of roses.The solid perfume is made from bees wax, sweet almond oil, and a blend of essential oils. 

"Vasilia's necklace is 32 inches long and will hang just below the bust. Using brass chain and a beautiful rose patterned locket, I created this necklace with the story of Vasilisa in mind. The charms around the locket are a single freshwater pearl and a loop of blush toned crystals. Inside of the locket is Vasilia solid perfume. The part that holds the solid can be removed so that it can be refilled when the perfume is gone. This necklace is perfect for anyone who enjoys delicate things or has a feminine sense of style. "

Available through Etsy seller LoreApothecaries. I had never heard of Samhain before, but how appropriate for this time of year? And how great is the Vasilisa locket-not only for using a lesser known tale as inspiration, but perfume in a pretty locket is a double win! I love to see people using fairy tales not only as inspiration for other stories and art, but playing around with scents and taste (like fairy tale teas or cookbooks).

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