Sunday, March 29, 2015

Red Valentino's Fairy Tale Themed Collections

"Each Red Valentino collection addresses a different fairy tale, and it's clear that Fall was inspired by Snow White. Marine Deleeuw played the lead role in the latest lookbook, shot against a Lichtenstein-esque Pop Art backdrop, modeling whimsical clutches that read "Once Upon a Time" or "The Fairest of Them All." There were also sweet frocks splashed with the Disney character's visage and intarsia knits featuring allover hearts or the fable's poisoned apple. While the finished result was indeed cutesy (and occasionally a tad costume-ish), designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli viewed the narrative mostly as a jumping-off point. "We didn't want the story to stay in a childish territory, but to take the dreamy idea in a direction that's younger, more street, and a bit rock 'n' roll," they explained during a phone interview, so there were plenty of modern incarnations of Snow White here. For example, she looked cool in a clear PVC trench, and had a bit of a grunge edge in a leather biker jacket, long jacquard skirt, and flat oxfords. Meanwhile, there were also plenty of functional pieces such as bright puffer coats, denim rompers, and plaid mohair bombers that were sidewalk-ready. And despite the cartoony delivery (you can't really blame the designers for going all-out on a fun theme like this), the lineup ultimately had plenty of real-world appeal, too."

"Fashion is always something of a fairy tale, but even more so when designers Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri are the ones telling the story. For Red Valentino's new Fall lineup, the design duo drew inspiration from the childhood fable of "Hansel and Gretel." (No, their version looks nothing like the Jeremy Renner-Gemma Arterton flick currently in theaters.) They've touched upon folkloric themes in the past, with Valentino's signature line, and explained in a phone interview that the Red customer takes a more playful approach to getting dressed, so they weren't afraid to really have fun with the collection's narrative. Little black dresses were trimmed with sweet floral grosgrain ribbon, while full petticoated silk skirts came in "marzipan" and "gingerbread" hand-painted prints. While some of those whimsical pieces came off as a bit costumey at times, they were matched by more versatile items that still incorporated couture flourishes. The lovely jacquard capes and a cropped leather toggle coat (from the Hansel section), for example, were made for a modern-day heroine."

"Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli's Spring's Red Valentino offering skews young—sandals-and-ankle-socks young. The theme, said the designers via phone from Rome, is "Cinderella hitting Las Vegas after a love affair with a sailor," and in keeping with that unexpected, almost kooky starting point, there were marinière stripes in navy and red and peacoats on the one hand, and a frothy party dress in pastel blue on the other. And because no contemporary collection is complete without a novelty sweatshirt, the designers emblazoned theirs with giant anchors. "Cindierella" another sweatshirt read, with the "indie" portion underlined, but the vibe here was charming, not edgy."

In this one the fairy tale connection isn't that obvious, and I didn't see that sweatshirt they referenced in the collection at all, but you can get this tank top if you don't mind spending $125 for a tank top...

I didn't find a direct reference to a fairy tale in all the Red Valentino collections as stated above, but Spring 2014 had kind of a Thumbelina vibe:

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