Monday, May 4, 2015

Article: How Faerie Subculture has Gone Mainstream

Here's an interesting article from The Observer on How Faerie Subculture Has Exploded Into The Mainstream, by Ruby Warrington. I wasn't even aware of Faerie subculture when I started this blog, but obviously there's plenty of overlap between people who are interested in faeries and fairy tales. And just as fairy tales are very trendy right now, so are the supernatural creatures found in the genre's name (even though very few fairy tales actually feature faeries...more on the origin of the term "fairy tale" here).
An image from Fairy School in Brooklyn

The article mentions phenomenon such as Fairy School (yes, that exists, as an after school program), Faerie Magazine, Twig the Fairy, and how faerie subculture interacts with fashion, the organic movement, veganism, etc.
Twig the Fairy

And of course, faerie subculture can vary. Some people simply like fairy-inspired, natural things; to other people it is a religion, and they believe in fairies and their power to connect to and communicate with them (although if there's anything we learn from fairy tales, it's that fairies can be very dangerous and it would be more wise to avoid them). As the article's subtitle says, "Faeries are the new angels, emerging from the fantasy subculture into the sphere of spiritual faith and attracting believers in surprising places."

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