Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Collector's Edition of Robin McKinley's Rose Daughter (AKA, EYE CANDY)

Gypsy of Once Upon a Blog was kind enough to send these images over to me, with some information about a very special book:

 "ROSE DAUGHTER - A Re-telling of Beauty and the Beast; text by Newbery Award winner, Robin McKinley and illustrations by Anne Bachelier. The "Livre d'artist," literally Artist's Book, has a long tradition in Europe. Picasso, Dali, Buffet, Chagall and Fini are but a few of the major artists that have illustrated texts by writers such as Baudelaire, Genêt, Hugo, Flaubert and Poe.

This collectors edition is limited to only 1,000 copies. The varied levels within the edition are marked by binding intricacies as well as the option of original art work accompanying the book. Choices include the actual original mixed media illustrations by Bachelier, four different signed and numbered original etchings by Bachelier, and a suite of 24 off-set lithographs of the illustrations Pencil signed & numbered by the artist. The book itself measures 14" x 17." Inside, over 160 pages feature a beautiful flowing typeface printed with red-orange and black inks on a textured linen white paper. Thirty-three sparkling color illustrations were printed separately on a specially coated paper to assure the colors would be exact. The individual illustrations were then painstakingly "hand-tipped" into their rightful places in the book. The process was time-consuming but the reaction to the fantastic images has proven this historical technique worthwhile.

The marriage of Anne Bachelier's stunning art work and Robin McKinley's brilliant text have resulted in one of the most beautiful art books ever created. Certain to become a classic, in the tradition of Rackham and Dulac, this is the definitive Beauty and the Beast.
"My approach to publishing reflects the same ideas that drove me to open CFM Gallery: Art can be beautiful, and if you aren't seeing things out there that move you, then you have to create them yourself. I published ROSE DAUGHTER - A Re-Telling of Beauty and the Beast for one very selfish reason: I wanted to own a copy of the book I could see in my head." Neil P. Zukerman (1998)"

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