Friday, May 1, 2015

Artist Feature: Frances MacDonald McNair

The Sleeping Princess

I came across this first image by Scottish artist Frances MacDonald McNair, 1873-1921 and was enchanted. It took a little digging to find more of her fairy tale works, and as happens with online research-my facts can only be as good as my sources; I would come across images given different titles on different sites, or some attributed to either Frances or her sister Margaret. (Many of these images are all over Pinterest, but that often just tends to lead you down a breadcrumb trail, attempting to track down an authentic source). So I'm not promising that this post is free of error, but these images are too stunning not to share. She seemed to be most inspired by Sleeping Beauty:
The Sleeping Princess

Prince and Sleeping Princess


"Ill Omen," or, "Girl in the East Wind with Ravens Passing the Moon" (inspired by Celtic lore) 

The Legend of the Snow Drops

Frog Prince

EDIT: A special addition, courtesy of Once Upon a Blog's Gypsy, and what perfect timing!: 
The May Queen

And this is by Frances' sister, Margaret MacDonald:


  1. Lovely find! And here's a May Queen picture by Margaret MacDonald for you:
    Happy May Day!

  2. One of my favorites, thank you for this beautiful post! :).