Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Into the Woods Afternoon Tea

Any of you live near London? Through this week, you can go to an "Into the Woods"-themed afternoon tea. (Anyone want to fly me out?...)

More information:
"sketch has teamed up with Disney's musical masterpiece Into the Woods, to create a limited edition run of its Afternoon Tea... 
Available from Monday 18th May - Sunday 7th June.

The inspired menu has re-created some of the classic afternoon tea elements and given them a fantasy, fairytale makeover - with items fit for any basket to take to grandma's house.
Included in the re-vamped tea is Little Red Riding Hood's Choux, Jack's Beanstalk Tart and a Prince Charming Green 'Sand-Witch', all complemented by the Baker and His Wife's selection of sketch pastries."

View the Menu Here
How fun is that?


  1. I don't drink tea, but I would certainly have some pastries.

    1. Now we just have to find someone to sponsor a fairy tale bloggers trip to London...

    2. Right. We just have to find some organization or institution with a lot of money to send us to England. And we'll tell them we need to go to England because we need to . . . research 17th century chapbooks . . . or something to do with Andrew Lang . . . or something.

      I don't know. I'm just spitballing here.