Monday, October 12, 2015

Disney's BATB on Bullying

I think I'm more nervous than excited for the live action Disney Beauty and the Beast to come out, but I'm glad it's getting people talking about the fairy tale more! DibThing has some thoughts on Disney's BATB


  1. Beautiful. Most people tend to forget that, while the trope of 'Beauty and Beast' is as old as time (going back as far as Enkidu and Shamhat from the Epic of Gilgamesh) the basic plot of B&B as we know today comes from the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche: Psyche was blessed with divine beauty, earning her the jealous enmity of the love&beauty goddess Aphrodite. She sends her son, Cupid to make her fall in love with a donkey, but Cupid is smitten by Psyche and takes her away to a hidden palace, hiding himself from her for fear of recognition that might lead both Psyche and himself in trouble with his mother. Psyche's jealous sisters come to visit, and trick her into revealing the true nature of her disguised lover. Psyche saw her lover was Cupid all along and he left her. Psyche had to make a Hero/Heroine's journey to reclaim Cupid as her husband, she gets her happy ending, Zeus blessed their marriage and warned Aphrodite to leave Psyche alone. Psyche then became the goddess of the soul (her name in Greek actually means "soul").

    1. The tale has certainly had a long and interesting history, and the story has taken many different forms, with so many great ways to interpret it too!