Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dying Swan

Ulyana Lopatkina dancing "The Dying Swan." So graceful.

Music-"The Swan" by Camille Saint-Saens. From his "Carnival of the Animals."

For more on Ulyana and other Russian dancers, there's a great documentary which is also on Netflix instant play called "Ballerina".
And, so this post has something more directly related to fairy tales, from Surlalune's blog archives, this stunning costume worn by Anna Pavlova in "Swan Lake."


  1. That costume is from the ballet The Dying Swan, not Swan Lake. The Dying Swan was a solo piece created specifically for her and other than the fact that they both feature swans, the two ballets have nothing to do with one another. Check your facts Kristin!

  2. Anonymous-thanks for the info. If you click through the link, my source had also credited it as a costume for Swan Lake, Heidi Anne Heiner of Surlalunefairytales, who is usually correct, although sometimes when getting your facts off of other internet sites it can be hard to verify.