Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dark Chest of Wonders

"Dark Chest Of Wonders", opening song for the album Once, by Nightwish

This song always makes me think of Peter Pan, especially the lyrics "One night the clock struck twelve, the window opened wide...the age I learned to fly and took a step brought me here it's time to cut the rope and fly to a dream..." Given Tuomas Holopainen's love of Disney, I'd be surprised if he weren't influenced by Peter Pan. But overall I love this song because of the celebration of wonder and childhood fantasies.

"Once I had a dream/And this is it

Once there was a child's dream/One night the clock struck twelve/The window opened wide
Once there was a child's heart/The age I learned to fly and took a step outside

Once I knew all the tales/It's time to turn back time, follow the pale moonlight
Once I wished for this night/Faith brought me here, it's time to cut the rope and fly

Fly to a dream/Far across the sea/All the burdens gone/Open the chest once more/Dark chest of wonders/Seen through the eyes/Of the one with pure heart/Once so long ago

The one in the big blue is what the world stole from me/This night will bring him back to me

Fly to a dream..."

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  1. Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing xx

    Caged Canary - Live The Fairytale