Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Frog

Image by Anne Anderson

"“Do you enjoy it?”
“Enjoy what?”
“Being a frog.”
The frog thought for a moment. “I suppose. It has its ups and downs. Do you always enjoy being human?”
“I guess not. But I don’t have frog-like characteristics, and you certainly have human characteristics.”
“Yes, I suppose speech is a human characteristic, and intelligence is thought to be one too. I do miss having intelligent conversations, but I enjoybeing a frog, I guess, just as much as any frog."

The above is an exerpt from a short story version of "The Frog Prince" I wrote a while ago, in early high school. Usually I'm very wary of "fan fiction," becuase generally the writing is pretty bad. Reading over my past writing is a mix of shame and "actually, that's kind of good..." but I'm not the best judge of my own writing. But as I want to keep all of my fairy tale notes and things together on this blog, I'm including the link to the story on googledocs. (There are some obvious typos, and some edits I could have made, but I think I'm electronically challenged, because I can't figure out how to alter the text on googledocs...)

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