Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sleeping Beauty ballet

I always think of the Tchaikovsky ballets as seasonal--"Swan Lake" is fall/winter, "Nutcracker" is obviously Christmas, and "Sleeping Beauty" is a spring/summer ballet. Less dark than Swan Lake, in setting and in the music. And since Chicago weather has blessed us with a beautiful spring day, I couldn't resist.

Anyone who has seen the Disney version has already heard parts of the Tchaikovsky score.

In the ballet, the Rose Garland waltz is done for the celebration of the Princess' birth. The Disney team added words and it became "Once upon a dream."

(The song doesn't start till about 7 minutes in)

Musically, one of my favorite parts is the Rose Adagio, which also features the ballerina doing incredibly difficult balancing.

The plot of the ballet is similar to the story everyone knows, with the addition of a Lilac fairy to help the Prince find Sleeping Beauty, and a wedding celebration at the end where lots of other fairy tale characters show up.
The White Cat and Puss-in-Boots
Danced here by Natasha Oughtred and Ricardo Cervera
The Lilac Fairy - Daria Vasnetsova
Copyright: John Ross ©

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