Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Inside a Black Apple

One of my favorite blogs ever is (Inside A Black Apple) by the lovely Emily Martin. She's an artist with a fairy tale aesthetic.

This week she featured this amazing locket-an illustration of Snow White and Rose Red. If it weren't sold out, I would have bought myself a birthday present. Based off of this Snow White and Rose Red Print

She has lots of other wonderful art, very whimsical and childlike yet often with a bit of the macabre mixed in. For the sake of the blog I'm only including those which directly relate to fairy tales. Alice print
Ofelia print (So, Pan's Labyrinth isn't a typical fairy tale-I like it anyway.)
Red Riding Hood and Wolf notebooks-I've also been debating whether or not to get these for myself
She also has a fashion blog. This outfit she called her modern Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Makes me want a red hoodie.