Saturday, August 20, 2011

Figment Studios Journal Review

A while ago I posted the fairy tale-themed journals at Figments Studios, and I am now the owner of the Once Upon a Time journal.

Now these are rather pricey-this one was $58.95 plus shipping. But a journal is a pretty special part of your life for a while, and then you (hopefully) keep it for the rest of your life, so I think it's worth it to splurge on a beatuful one like this (or you could just do what I did and request it for a birthday present).

The journal comes in a complementary gift box:

Then you open it to find a precious elfin seal guarding your treasure:

And there in the packaging lies your journal, just as ornate in person as the pictures indicate on the website.

I absolutely love it; my only complaint is the smell. It came with a very strong almost metallic scent-unfortunately it doesn't have that "old book" smell its appearance might suggest. At first when I took it out of its box my whole room smelled odd, but after spraying a little Febreeze and letting it sit in the sunlight it's not so bad.

So, if you're willing to deal with the smell, I would absolutely recommend any of the journals on the website. There are several pictures to choose from if you want a large frame journal, many of which are fairy-inspired, and you can also send in a picture to make a custom frame journal, which is a pretty neat feature.

Speaking of fairy journals, I've had my eye on this one on etsy for a while, made from vintage fairy tale book cover. Again it's fairly expensive, this one is $60. Hopefully it will still be around for me to request for Christmas...

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