Sunday, August 14, 2011

Princess Shoes

Beauty from Beauty and the Beast
Mai Lamore

The following three are from If Style Could Kill, designers unknown:

The Little Mermaid

Odile (The Black Swan)

Cinderella (her shoes weren't always glass, but some sort of precious metal)

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Urban Outfitters

Snow White


As worn on Rebecca of The Clothes Horse

Karen of The Red Shoes would need something classic but fabulous to wear day after day

Christian Louboutin

The Witch (any witch really, but I think Disney's Snow White's witch is most often associated with skulls)

Kermit Tesoro


  1. hello im getting married on july13th 2013 and I would really love to walk down the aisle in the beauty and the beast shoe! if anyone can help meas to where I can purchase this shoe thatll be awesome!

  2. *can help me as to where*lol