Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sarah Moon's Little Red Riding Hood

These Red Riding Hood photographs by Sarah Moon are so haunting. Many people tend to have a more romanticized notion of a little girl in red skipping through the forest, but these black and white images set in an urban and more modern setting evoke more dread and horror. Apparently Moon modeled her daughter as Little Red for this 1983 book.


  1. How very clever! It is indeed scarier. There are a lot of two legged wolves in this urban forest, and when you think of what the pictures later in the book would have to be... Well, I suppose the wolf continues to be a shadow?

    1. A very good question-these are pretty much the only images I could find online (I haven't seen the book in person myself). It would be hard to illustrate the fairy tale without some image of the wolf in the grandmother's clothes, a favorite for illustrators. Although, this is based off of the Perrault, where the heroine is devoured and not saved afterwards, so maybe there's no need for extra images...