Thursday, March 31, 2011


I was going to do this post a bit later, but as Heidi Anne Heiner of Surlalune was kind enough to feature my latest post on Donkeyskin on her blog, I felt it was time to do a tribute. Sometimes I feel like my blog is basically a big commercial for Surlalune, but I know that, as a reader of blogs myself, often I'm too lazy to click through to other links, so I thought I'd do a proper feature.

First of all, there are two parts of Surlalune: the Main Site, and the blog. The main site is the online Bible of fairy tales. She currently has 49 of the most well known fairy tales available to read with helpful annotations provided by herself. Each fairy tale may also have pages for History, Illustrations, Similar Tales Across Cultures, Modern Interpretations, a Bibliography, Book Gallery, and Best of the Web with links to quality online sources. This site is definitely my go to for fairy tale information, since it has all aspects of most fairy tales concentrated in one location. Heidi also provides her readers with a discussion forum in order to connect with other fairy tale lovers and discuss pertinent topics.

The blog is on my favorites bar and updated (usually) at least daily. Heidi searches diligently through news sources to feature current fairy tale movies, books, articles, and other forms of media.

Elenore Abbott

In addition to keeping up her sites, Heidi has been coming out with collections of versions from around the world of certain tales, currently including the Twelve Dancing Princesses, the Frog Prince, Sleeping Beauties (Sleeping Beauty and Snow White tales), Rapunzel, and Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie (fairy tale writer).

Heidi is a qualified librarian and researcher whose years of fairy tale love make her an authoritative source on the subject. In the World of Kristin, I count people like Heidi as celebrities the way teenage girls idolize whoever's popular these Robert Pattinson still in? So to say I was flattered to see my post featured on her site is a huge understatement (I couldn't stop shaking). Thanks, Heidi!


  1. I discovered your site through Surlalune. It is wonderful! I look forward to reading through your past and future posts.

  2. I was the other way round, I discovered Surlalune through your site if memory serves and both your blogs are on my favourite list. I love reading your posts.

  3. Glad to have led anyone else to Surlalune! And thank you to you and all my kind readers. It's wonderful to connect with people with the same interest in fairy tales.