Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Muppet Musicians of Bremen

Just discovered that the Muppets did a version of The Musicians of Bremen, and I recently shared photos from the German town of Bremen, and I love the Muppets, so here we go-

"Adapted from the classic Grimm fairy tale, The Muppet Musicians of Bremen was the third and final television special filmed for the Tales From Muppetland series. In this version of the story, four barn animals fled their evil masters and became a traveling Dixieland band. Kermit, formerly an abstract character but now firmly identified as a frog, narrated the story. While by this time Kermit had a clear animal identity and “look” to him, many of the other classic Muppet characters had been designed as more abstracted versions of real animals, or did not necessarily resemble any particular animals at all. The designs of the puppets featured in The Muppet Musicians of Bremen – Leroy the Donkey, Rover Joe the Hound Dog, T.R. the Rooster and Catgut the Cat, along with additional animal characters – set the design standard for future Muppets that would more closely resemble realistic animals"
More on how this short film influenced the history of the Muppets here-I also just discovered and I'm pretty sure it will change my life.
For more fairy tale-related Muppetry on Tales of Faerie, click here

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