Thursday, March 1, 2012

Castle's Once Upon a Crime

Beckett: the original story, the wolf doesn't kill Little Red Riding Hood. The huntsman cuts her out of the wolf's stomache, and then she kills the wolf.

Castle: Someone's a brothers Grimm fan.

Beckett: Oh yeah. They didn't sugar coat it. They understood that fairy tales are pretty much horror stories.

Castle: Exactly. Which is why we all need them to grapply with the unknown, which is why they tackle our primal fears, like being alone in the woods or dealing with monsters

Esposito: They're not horror stories-they're life lessons. If you do the right thing, you get to live happily ever after.

Beckett: But only in fairy tales.

I really liked the latest Castle episode, inspired by fairy tales! Of course, Castle is already one of my favorite shows. But finally, something I've been hoping to see-someone actually using clues from the fairy tale plots to solve murders (Castle deduces that they found Riding Hood and Snow White in the woods because that's where their bodies were found in the stories, but that they'd find Sleeping Beauty in her bed). Lots of interesting musings on the characters' views on fairy tales, such as above. Of course, they make the much often mistake of calling the Grimm versions the "original," but we'll forgive them for that, it was still an entertaining episode.

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