Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jespherhus: Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale Garden

These images are all from Jesperhus, a park in Denmark that includes a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale flower garden! 

According to Wikipedia, 6 of Andersen's tales are recreated with flowers. I can't find a list of the six tales, only images for these four:

Ugly Duckling (I assume)

Princess and the Pea

The Tinder Box

The Swineherd

Has anyone been there/know what the other two tales are?

UPDATE: Reader Rossichka shared in the comments that this statue of Little Mermaid and one of Thumbelina is also at the park. This one has gotta be Steadfast Tin Soldier. But not being made of flowers, I wonder they count? This would make seven total.


  1. Hello! Thank you for the interesting information. I noticed the Little Mermaid here...:)

  2. Oh, but it's not made of flowers...:(

  3. Hello! Look carefully here... Especially pages 4 and 7 - there're more fairytales, but again not made of flowers. Still it's interesting to make this virtual walk in the park. Or maybe I've missed something?:)