Thursday, February 25, 2016

Matthew Grabelsky's "Anomaly" Series

This series of paintings by Matthew Grabelsky imagines fantastic and fairy tale characters in the modern world. There are more paintings not included here because they are less directly related to fairy tales, but interesting and relevant if you're interested.

"In the vein of the TV show „Once Upon a Time“ or the graphic novel series „Fables“, Matthew Grabelsky‘s oil paintings show a wide variety of mythical and fairy tale creatures in the modern world. The painting style and locations are extremely realist, but the characters and situations are surreal, which is an absolutely interesting combination. They show a mix of humans, animals, and anthropomorphic characters and many of these paintings feature human/beast couples. Seeing these creatures alongside people is both comical and cool."

Some of the paintings aren't necessarily inspired by a specific fairy tale (that I'm aware of) but the animal/human couples remind me of Animal Bridegroom tales:

And this looks like it could be inspired by Little Red Riding Hood: