Monday, March 21, 2016


Beauty and the Beast

Beautiful art by RovinaCai
Inspired by Black Swan

The Grimms' Six Swans


  1. This is simply beautiful.

    I'm actually working on writing my own version of Beauty and the Beast (I'm an aspiring writer). But with a twist. Have you heard of the cliche of Good Boy vs Bad Boy? it was used the Disney B&B version, especially in Twilight. In my version, the Beauty has two foster brothers who are lusting after her; Foster brother 1 is macho and alluring, but aggressive and egotistical. Foster Brother 2 is sophisticated and genteel, but dull and self-interested. The Beast embodies both Desire and Compassion. I'm using the same theme on my Cinderella version, where the Stepsisters are an evil version of the Madonna-Whore Dichotomy; Stepsister 1 is a cynical and callous pervert, Stepsister 2 is a judgmental and holier-than-thou puritan. The Cinderella embodies both sensuality and kindness.

    1. Good luck to you in your writing! I haven't heard it called "Good boy vs. bad boy" but I'm familiar with the concept

  2. Love these! They are just gorgeous!