Friday, April 8, 2016

Multicolored Diary

Another resource you should definitely check out if you haven't already:

The Multicolored Diary, run by Hungarian storyteller Zalka Csenge Virag, is one of my essential blog reads. She has an impressive knowledge of folktales from around the world. I'll admit that my own world folklore knowledge is more limited; it can sometimes be overwhelming to open a book of completely unknown stories, and it's easier for me to read stories I know are versions of familiar fairy tales. But of course, we miss so much if we only read the tales that are considered the classics!

I'm especially loving the latest series, her A to Z Challenge on the theme of Diversity in storytelling. Contrary to popular opinion, fairy tales are not all stories of helpless damsels being rescued by sword-wielding Princes! In fact, even though you can look at typical folk tales and find reoccurring themes and patterns, the only rule is that there's bound to be exceptions to every rule. As the fairy tales we tell adapt over time to reflect the changing cultures, it's exciting to think of what can come in a world that is becoming more focus on representing minorities and celebrating diversity. Maybe the fairy tale world itself can be one of the factors to promote positive change!

So far there's been posts showing tales that portray loving stepmothers, beauty found in unconventional bodies, female heroes, and heroes and heroines with disabilities (that don't magically get fixed as the "happy ending"). I've really enjoyed reading each of the posts in the challenge so far and really look forward to the others to come!

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