Friday, April 1, 2016

Visualizing Wonder: Fairy Tales and TV

I just added another link to the Tales of Faerie homepage I wanted to highlight in case you weren't already familiar with it! Visualizing Wonder: Fairy Tales and TV: A Database has some really interesting articles on the history of how fairy tales have been portrayed in the media. I've really enjoyed their series on looking at television commercials through the decades:


Other highlights:
-Weight-Watching Fairy Tales looks at body image issues and modern versions of fairy tales
-Lots of discussion on OUAT and Grimm
-Their sister site is The International Fairy Tale Filmography, an online database of films with fairy tale themes

They most recently posted this really well done ad for the Guardian, worth a watch:


  1. Ooh, this is wonderful, Kristin! It shows what ads can look like at their best. And that's a great web site, must bookmark it.

  2. Great resource, but it's a little annoying that theFilmography apparently can't sort by year

    1. Hm that would be a very helpful tool. Maybe you could contact them and ask them to add it! It's still a relatively new resource

  3. I love your website. It's very complete and beautifully done. I am writing a fantasy adventure children’s book series where faeries feature prominently. The first book, The Lioness of Brumley Hall and Her Most Unusual Grandchildren, is already published. The next book, The Lioness of Brumley Hall and the Faerie Enchantment, will be out at the end of the year. Could you provide a link and/or guest post to my site and I will do the same to yours? More attention needs to be paid to fairy tales and stories. Thank you. Augusta P. Benners

  4. Oops I forgot my website for you to view.

  5. Oops I forgot my website for you to view.

  6. Very cool! I have checked out their sister site in the past, and it's wonderful. So glad they decided to expand to TV:)