Monday, October 24, 2016

Scary Fairy Tales: The Child Phantom

A Swedish tale, The Child Phantom


 "Many years ago there died on the estate of Sundshult, in the parish of Nafverstad, a child of illegitimate birth, which, because of this, was not christened and could not be accorded Christian burial, or a place in heaven, and whose spirit, therefore, was left to wander the earth, disturbing the rest and making night uncomfortable for the people of the neighborhood.

 "One time, just before Christmas, the parish shoemaker, on his rounds, was detained at the house of a patron, and, having much work before him, he was still sewing late into the night, when he was unexpectedly startled from his employment by a little child appearing before him, which said, "Why do you sit there? Move aside."
 "For what?" asked the shoemaker.
 "Because I wish to dance," said the specter.
 "Dance away, then!" said the shoemaker.

 "When the child had danced some time, it disappeared, but returned soon and said, "I will dance again, and I'll dance your light out for you."
 "No," said the shoemaker, "let the light alone. But who are you that you are here in this manner?"
 "I live under the lower stone of the steps to the porch."
"Who put you there?" asked the shoemaker.
 "Watch when it dawns, and you will see my mother coming, wearing a red cap. But help me out of this, and I'll never dance again."

 "This the shoemaker promised to do, and the specter vanished. The next day a servant girl from the neighboring estate came, who wore upon her head a red handkerchief. Digging was begun under the designated step, and in time the skeleton of a child was found, encased in a wooden tub. The body was that day taken to the churchyard, and the mother, who had destroyed her child, turned over to the authorities. Since then the child specter has danced no more."


  1. What's it with child ghosts and dancing? It seems like such a random activity for a ghost, especially the ghost of a child

    1. Maybe because the child was denied the opportunity to dance in life? A lot of kids I know like dancing when they hear music. Dancing can often have dark overtones in fairy tales too, linked to the idea of someone dancing themselves to death, or dancing in the underworld, so it's also just a creepy image...