Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Take on Beastly

I saw most of Beastly in piecemeal on my flight back from France. I had heard that this movie wasn't really quality, but sort of a fun guilty pleasure-watching flick. For me, any movie with a tortured disabled man in love with a woman is usually guaranteed to be a guilty pleasure, but I have to say this movie left me pretty unmoved.

In general, though, I dislike chick flicks, but there are a few that give me warm gushy feelings inside, especially any version ever of Beauty and the Beast. But to me this movie had nothing special to it-yes it's modern, the characters have dramatic backstories to keep it more realistic, but that's been done before. It had a lot of similarities to the Disney version, to the point where I wondered if the creators knew any other version of Beauty and the Beast (even down to specific lines-"You have to go to him/you must go to him" when Beauty's father is in trouble, and "It IS you!" after he transforms.)

The script is cheesy, the kind that tries to make the characters deep and witty, yet ends up feeling random. And like I've said before, I just really don't like Vanessa Hudgens. The movie might have been a completely different experience for me with someone else in the lead.

And like I've heard someone comment before, after all the talk about the Beast character being so gruesome, he really isn't. He looks like he really likes tattoos all over.

I should note that I haven't read the book, so I have no idea how faithful the movie was. I wasn't going to see it until I had read the book, but it was on the plane, I was bored, and there you go.

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