Monday, May 16, 2016

Gala Nocturna

This came to my attention via Meagan Kearney's Beauty and the Beast tumblr, I saw images from Gala Nocturna's Belle et la Bete and was curious as to what it was!

Gala Nocturna is a "world famous dark romantic costume ball" held every year in Belgium. The pictures look absolutely amazing, it's clear the attendees take it very seriously and all dress in elaborate costume. Each year they have a theme, and 2014 was "La Belle et la Bete" (Beauty and the Beast).
The evening involves not just dress and dance, but the story is partially acted out. Here's a personal account of the Bella et la Bete Gala, to give you a better idea of what goes on.

Cela Yildiz played the Beast

Opening dance between Beauty and the Beast

Gala Nocturna has a different theme each year; some non-fairy tale themed (2016 is "The Age of Redemption") but 2015 was "Swan Princess," inspired by Swan Lake:

And 2012 was "Russian Fairytale"
Photography: Viona Ielegems

What an incredible way to experience immersing yourself in a theme and a story!


  1. Wow, what an event! Does it seem, from the posters, that they hold it in a different venue every year? Finding something suitably gothic and atmospheric must be part of the fun!I may have to snag some of these pics (accredited, of course)for my Beast Pinterest page. Thanks for the post, Kristin!

    1. It has been held in different locations. From their website (the FAQ page): "Gala Nocturna is always held at historical locations in Belgium. In 2006, we started the first edition at a neo-gothic church, well-hidden in a lovely park near Antwerp. After three editions, we moved to a bigger and even more spectacular location, a stunning baroque church in the center of Antwerp. Afterwards, we went to the Belle Epoque rooms of the Antwerp zoo and in 2015 we received our guests in a magnificent city palace in Brussels."

  2. Gorgeous! They must have put heaps of work into those costumes. Pity I never learned to follow a pattern or use a sewing machine... I can do embroidery, though.

    That Beast, apart from the horns, looks quite a lot like Vincent from the TV series of Beauty And The Beast. Vincent looked like a human/lion.

  3. Amazing! It's fantastic to know there are so many passionate people willing to take part. It wouldn't be nearly as successful if guests were half-hearted about their costumes.

  4. I was wondering, can the genders be reversed at the costume party? as in can there be a female beast and a male beauty? or does have to be a traditional male beast and female beauty?

    1. From the pictures, it looks like guests have some freedom to interpret the theme; there's the female beast on the right and the vampire on the left. It would be interesting to see if they were accompanied by beautiful males though!