Thursday, May 19, 2016

New book: Dreamless

Sleeping Beauty never had troubles like this
For most princesses, a sleeping curse means a few inconvenient weeks unconscious followed by a happily-ever-after with their true love. Seventeen-year-old Elena's curse, however, was designed without a cure, which means that she's getting a century-long nap for her 18th birthday whether she wants it or not. After years of study she's still no closer to finding a cure, even with the help of an undead godfather and an enchanted mirror-turned-therapist. With only a year until the deadline she's learned to accept her fate. Sadly, there's one prince who doesn't seem to have gotten the memo and who’s continually trying to activate the curse so he can be the one to wake her up again. Only slightly less annoying is Cam, her new bodyguard and former childhood acquaintance who disagrees with Elena at pretty much every turn. When the curse threatens to come early, however, they both realize that fate is a lot more complicated than they'd ever imagined.

Although it's a Sleeping Beauty retelling, I'm tagging it as "Snow White" as well because of hte enchanted mirror. Jenniffer Wardell is also the author of other fairy tale themed books: Beast Charming, Fairy Godmothers, Inc., and Huff and Puff. Amazon reviewers largely tend to rate her books highly, calling them fun, witty, and humorous.

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