Sunday, May 8, 2016

Snow White Picture Book Illustrations

Two picture book versions of Snow White with absolutely stunning illustrations-the first by artist Nancy Ekholm Burkert:

And these by Manuel Sumberac and Zdenko Basic:

(More from this book can be viewed here)


  1. I had the book with the Burkert illustrations when I was a kid, and my family really liked looking at those illustrations. They really captured the feel of the story.

    Our copy of the book was missing a page, so I was never able to see the other half of the picture of Snow White talking to the Dwarfs. We had the half of the picture with the Dwarfs coming in through the door, but the other half had fallen out of the book (we bought the book used). Thanks for posting that illustration on you blog so that I could finally see what it looked like! I've been wondering for years!